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In times of economic challenge, the quality that organizations most require is leadership. Organizations today are facing unprecedented challenges. Organization success requires leaders who learn and adapt quickly and can find the way in uncharted territory. We invite you to contact us to discuss how our leadership development programs can help your team quickly build the competencies to lead effectively in these turbulent times.

We believe that leaders are made, not born, although natural talent is, of course, helpful. People can learn how to set direction, create alignment, and maintain a sense of team commitment working towards a common goal. We also believe that people can develop the right brain attunement required of an assured and inspirational leader. As coaches with clinical psychological training in the neurosciences, we are particularly effective at helping executives enhance their right brain capacity and develop the primal leadership capability identified by thought leader Daniel Goleman.

We offer three types of leadership development programs:

Leadership Assessment. We have created a unique 360 degree leadership assessment tool which utilizes the Center for Creative Leadership's (CCL's) research base and which we can customize for your organization. We also utilize other leadership assessment instruments including Executive Dimensions from CCL, the Leadership Report based on the Firo B and the MBTI and a leadership coaching tool based on the California Psychological Inventory. We deliver all assessment results in written and verbal form. You may use our assessment data to implement your own internal leadership program or allow us to develop a program for you.

Coaching for Leadership. We will develop a custom coaching program for your individual leaders based on the results of the assessment. The program will always include enhancing your leader's emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and ability to inspire others. We will provide readings and discussions regarding leadership. We will challenge your leader to try out new behaviors and attitudes in working with their current team, emphasizing alignment and commitment. We will encourage and support your leader to seek out new opportunities where they may assume a leadership role. We will provide your leader ongoing feedback and encourage seeking feedback from others in your organization.

Team Building for Leadership. We will develop a custom designed program focused specifically on enhancing the leadership capability of a team. Following a brief assessment, we will conduct team building sessions which will include education about leadership concepts and specific exercises focused on the leadership skills your team requires. We believe in working on real problems that your organization faces in building leadership capacity on your team.

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