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Services Overview

Executive and Management Coaching

Leadership Development

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Executive and Management Coaching

We define coaching as one-on-one confidential work with individuals designed to enhance their current and future effectiveness. Coaching is a positive and empowering strategy for performance and leadership development. Each coaching assignment is custom designed to meet the needs of the leader and the organization. Examples include:
  • building leadership capacity
  • enhancing performance
  • improving interpersonal skills
  • aligning individuals to collective goals
  • adapting to new responsibilities
  • reducing destructive behaviors

Our coaching assignments are designed to deliver better business results for the organization, as well as bring about effective behavior, performance improvement and personal growth for the individual. We will work with leaders at various levels in your organization to ensure their development goals are in alignment with organizational objectives. Investing in coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve the overall performance of your organization.

Coaching for Skills helps people learn specific skills, behaviors, or attitudes required in their current job. We can help your leaders improve their communication ability, interpersonal skills, or build competencies in marketing management, marketing communications, product development, business strategy, and human resources management.

Coaching for Performance helps people improve their effectiveness in their current job, including changing behaviors or correcting problems. We can assist your executives and managers:
  • increase confidence and commitment when experiencing career set-backs
  • confront dysfunctional attitudes or other motivational problems
  • eliminate performance problems which jeopardize productivity
  • deal with blind spots which may lead to derailment
  • develop enhanced levels of emotional intelligence and abilities to communicate more effectively
  • develop renewed commitment and enthusiasm for existing or new assignments

Coaching for Development helps people prepare for advancement in a new job or role. We help people understand their strengths and weaknesses by using 360 degree feedback. We then assist your leaders identify where growth is needed and how to fill the developmental gaps. We are particularly effective in preparing seasoned executives take on new roles or coaching high potential young executives in new positions.

Coaching Process. We use a four phase coaching process that helps executives and managers learn, grow, and change.

  • Assessment and Feedback. We utilize a variety of feedback instruments and 360 degree assessment tools to help leaders increase self awareness and understand their strengths and developmental challenges. We are certified in all 360 degree assessment instruments from the Center for Creative Leadership, including their Benchmarks tool. We also utilize the Myers Briggs Type Instrument, the FIRO-B, the California Psychological Inventory, and customized assessment tools, including interviewing key stakeholders.

  • Building Self Awareness. Based on the feedback and assessment data, we work closely with leaders to help them understand themselves more deeply. We help our clients understand the impact of their behavior on others and how others perceive them. We assist those we coach to internalize their learnings to begin the change or growth process.

  • Developing a Leadership Plan. We teach our clients how to set developmental goals that are aligned with the goals of the organization and with their own needs and values. We support and challenge our clients as they develop their plan. We help them develop a concrete action plan in which they commit to specific, attainable, realistic behaviors or learnings completed by specific dates.

  • Implementing the Plan. We challenge our clients to move out of their comfort zone and try out new behaviors or attitudes that feel awkward or unnatural at first. We provide encouragement and support to help leaders try new experiences, but we also hold them accountable for implementing their leadership plan. Implementing a plan is a form of active learning that helps leaders assume responsibility for their impact on their organization.

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