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Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Letting go of employees is always challenging and often painful. The Cascadia Group eases the process by coaching human resource professionals and executives in all steps necessary to prepare for a lay-off, downsizing, or individual termination. We assign a personal career transition coach to assist the employee immediately in preparing for the next phase of his/her professional life. Our outplacement service is tailored to meet the needs of each leader and the budget requirements of each organization. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we may design the optimal outplacement package for your organization.

We assist mid-level and senior executives successfully transition into a new position. This includes coaching leaders who have been terminated and also helping senior leaders strategize the next phase in an already successful career.

Career Transition Process. We collaborate with each individual on a highly customized campaign following our ten step career transition process.

  • Emotional Support & Grief Processing. Most individuals experience a sense of loss upon leaving a professional position, whatever the circumstances. Therefore, the first part of any career transition is to help the individual process their feelings about the change.

  • Self-Awareness & Assessment. We help people in transition “get their feet on the ground” by engaging in an assessment process. The assessment process increases self-awareness about leadership ability, managerial style, career preferences, interpersonal preferences and effectiveness. We utilize assessment tools including the Strong Interest Inventory, the MBTI, the FIRO- B, the California Psychological Inventory and several customized assessment tools.

  • Life Vision and Professional Goals. Based on the assessment feedback, we help our clients develop of vision of the next phase of their life, integrating professional and personal life. We explore what type of work activities are most rewarding and fun. We then assist the client turn this vision into a set of professional goals, including job, industry, and organization objectives.

  • Career Marketing Strategy and Action Plan. Once a client has developed a clear set of goals, we help them to research the marketplace to narrow their options, set priorities, develop job requirements. We help them to strategize on how to position themselves competitively and to develop a concrete action plan. Throughout the next steps, we continue to help people follow through on their plan.

  • Resume and Reference Preparation. We assist clients in writing resumes targeted to each search objective, helping them to develop a unique and personal brand statement. We ensure that each client has a clear picture of strengths and accomplishments. We help prepare reference statements and ensure that all reference statements are approved, agreed to and in place.

  • Job Search Tactics. We provide clients with information about all current resources available to job seekers, including executive recruiters, online search engines, industry associations, etc. We also coach clients on networking strategies which we believe remain the most effective tool in locating a rewarding future position.

  • Interview Preparation. We coach clients on effective interviewing techniques, including preparation and practice of answers to common interview questions. We role play until each client feels completely comfortable going out on professional interviews. For clients with performance anxiety, we utilize the EMDR performance enhancement tool.

  • Managing Search Campaign. Once clients reach this point in the process, they are well prepared to search for a new position. We will remain available to brainstorm and offer feedback about search results. We will help clients overcome barriers if they feel “stuck.”

  • Successful Negotiation. We assist clients evaluate, compare and negotiate the optimal hiring package of compensation, benefits and other tangible perquisites and intangible benefits.

  • Succeeding in New Position. We offer clients coaching to help them be successful in their new position.

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