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Career Assessment

Most individuals who seek our career help find they are unsure of their next steps in their professional life. We help people in transition “get their feet on the ground” by engaging in an assessment process. Whether you have recently lost your job or are dissatisfied in your current position, we have found through working with hundreds of individuals that a thorough assessment of your skills, experience, values, interests, and management and leadership style is the best place to begin.

The assessment process increases your self-awareness about leadership ability, managerial style, skills and interests, career preferences, personal values, and interpersonal preferences and effectiveness. We utilize assessment tools including the Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, the FIRO- B, the Values Scale, the California Psychological Inventory and several customized assessment tools. We can also utilize 360 degree assessment instruments from the Center for Creative leadership, if you choose. In addition, we interview you for our highly personalized assessment of your skills and background.

The assessment process consists of an initial meeting with us, followed by your “homework” of taking the assessment instruments on your own time. Typically, the time to take the assessment instruments is not greater than two hours. After mailing the tests back to us, you will meet with us for two or three 100 minute sessions to discuss the results. We provide you the results of the assessment in both written reports and verbal feedback.

Once you have received your assessment feedback, you will have a much greater sense of self-awareness and self confidence. You will understand why you have succeeded and why you have faced challenges in your professional life. Most importantly, you will have a much clearer picture of your potential career options. You may then choose to explore your career options on your own or may continue working with us on your career search process.

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